Zalando: fashion e-commerce online retailer

Responsive E-Commerce Campaign

Background & Research
  • ​The Zalando e-commerce retailer displays 200,000 products onsite. 
  • The e-commerce had 479 million site visits in Q1 of 2016.
  • Receiving 15.6 million orders in that time. ~463 million of visitors did not transact.
  • A campaign lasting 4 weeks, has as estimated 159 million visits.
  • Average 73% visits on mobile (tablet, mobile site, app).
Abandoned Cart Stats
  • Studies show that abandonment is most common between 6 and 9pm.
  • 61% reported leaving a transaction due to an extra shipping fees.
  • Mobile shopping carts are the most abandoned, with an 85.7% ditch rate.
  • Customer: overwhelming amount of products to sift through.
  • Business: decrease amount of abandoned cart / increase sales.
  • Displaying trending categories for the campaign season will help customers filter what they're looking for. 
  • If customers are able to find what they're looking for quicker, there are higher chances of completing transaction. 
  • Guiding the customer will help them feel less overwhelmed and less frustration.

Lead UI Designer


UX lead, web developer, project manager, web producer

  • All-in-one custom landing page for men and women customers.
  • Displaying only selected products for the season: inspirational shoot and product imagery in carousel (max of 24).
  • Sticky anchor link top bar in order to navigate through the webpage.
  • Home page hero banner and social media directing customers to the campaign landing page.
  • Responsive design in-line with Zalando’s online shopping interface.
  • Resulted in template based design due to limited project timing.
  • Two new module components designed to repeat and alternate throughout the page for clean layout.
  • To meet Go-Live date and create organised, functional, inspirational creative campaign page.
  • Web banner master files with a precise layout for all various sizes and a design to fit all 16 language lengths.
  • Ensured all campaign touchpoints were a seamless customer experience when reaching landing page.

Designing onsite presence for Zalando’s SS18 summer campaign for men and women launching across 16 European markets.

Creating a responsive design that is in-line with Zalando’s online shopping interface. The campaign landing page consists of 5 fashion categories for women and 4 fashion categories for men. The design reflects these different categories with the use of block colours, the colours are specifically trend colours from SS18 fashion lines.

Customers are able to explore an all-in-one landing page with a sticky anchor link top bar in order to navigate through the webpage. The campaign executions included creating web banner master files with a precise layout for all various sizes and a design that fit all 16 language lengths.

Challenge: To categorise a large product assortment into a shoppable and easy to navigate landing page. In a short time constraint, modules were designed in order to replicate throughout the page but at the same time stay creative to push season communication for customer engagement.