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I’m a product designer with a creative background in UI and care for UX principles. Along with ensuring customers get the best experience during any digital experience through UX and UI, I also like to spend my efforts on brand development - as this is all part of a customer's experience and bond with the product. Having worked for large established companies, agencies and start-ups, my adaptability has proven I can work in both types of environments aligning to unique business needs.

On the practical side, I research products and apps to stay up-to date with new innovations, especially within the fin-tech space right now. My working day involves researching, drafting and redrafting visual solutions from identified pain points, empathising with customers and executing final solution designs. This is all within agile squads involving engineering, product management and technical business analyst.

I have an extensive background of designing for large advertising campaigns and executing visual language across all digital channels involving web, design for app, EDM, social media, web banners and DOOH for a seamless experience.

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Once upon a time...

After I graduated with a BA(Hons) Graphic Design Degree back in 2012, my career began in a fast paced print agency for leisure and events. I learnt and excelled quickly in print layout, client management, typography and print production.

This experience created opportunities and ambitions to dive into London’s creative industry, where I developed the brand profile of an eyewear e-commerce startup - Glasses Direct. I executed bi-weekly print/digital campaigns, and was responsible for creative direction, brand development, photographing product, retouching, costing production quotes right through to design and exporting final assets for multiple online channels and print publications. Thereafter, at advertising agency Karmarama, I became expert in digital design: EDMs and landing pages. With particular knowledge of email code, design and limitations; goals were to produce highly creative and informative email communications for main clients such as Honda UK, Cancer Research UK and The British Army.

A short plane journey over to Berlin, Germany, I specialised in creative responsive web design and upcoming digital innovations at Zalando - Europe’s largest fashion e-commerce retailer. Assigned lead designer for global campaigns launched in 16 countries, collaborating with art direction, copywriting, web development and stakeholders.

With a much longer plane journey, I brought myself to Sydney to continue upon my career in design, and to excel furthermore from this side of the world.

Send me an email or stalk me on LinkedIn for more info.

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